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BSM Tiles ( T) Ltd

Description:  Team of visionary youth who were hailing from a small village of Gujarat, came up with the idea of ceramic tiles and this resulted in the commencement of a company named BSM Tiles Pvt. Ltd. in Morbi, Gujarat. In the present situation, we are proud to claim that BSM Tiles Company has contributed immensely to the Indian market. We are the creators of masterpieces which give your homes and offices the perfect desired look. The company is completely focused on its goal to be the best and to provide the customers with the finest tiles in the country and abroad. Our success is very clear from the fact that our company has achieved the status of a global supplier of the best quality tiles.

Product : Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Porcelain Tiles

Telephone : +255 68 4772491 / +255 765 588 794 / +255 685 378

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