Tanzania's Modern Industrial Park Project on Course with 3.5 Trillion Investment

Tanzania has started construction on a state-of-the-art industrial park project in Kikongo and Disunyara in the Mlandizi District of Kibaha, which is near the coastline. The 1077-acre Modern Industrial Park project is currently under construction and is anticipated to house 202 factories.

Divided across 210 plots, 202 plots will be covered by the industries, which will also include a dry port, three community services, two commercial districts, two power plants, and a network of roadways. 35 billion Tanzanian shillings have been spent in the project thus far. This is only a portion of the initial 3.5 trillion Tanzanian shillings set out for the entire project's completion.
The construction of the park's main entrance and a fence enclosing the entire industrial zone marked the beginning of the project, according to Eng Charles Bilinga, the Executive Director of the Modern Industrial Park project. The fence was approximately nine kilometers long, ensuring the security of the building. The construction of an administration building, a police station, an office building, and a firefighter's residence were all included in the preliminary works. Together with the clinic, they also included the building of a 54 MW power plant.
The project's finance and marketing officer, Tumaini Kabengula, asserted that there are currently ten contracts for the plots that were bought to establish industries. Three investors, he said, have already started the first phases of building. He claims that five additional people who have signed the contract will soon start building and there are 24 other plots signing contracts that are pending.
Tanzania adopted the fourth revolution, according to Dr. Ashatu Kijaji, Minister of Industry and Trade, who visited the project. The nation is concentrating on industrial development, she stated. This is a result of their comprehensive efforts to develop their economy.
The Modern Industrial Park project was executed in cooperation with the Tanzanian government by Kakama Company of Dar es Salaam. She also expressed her gratitude to Kakama Company for its readiness to invest in the nation. The goal, according to Dr. Kijaji, is to have the private sector support the country's economy. She said that in order to achieve the goals of the investment, the Tanzanian government is eager to work with them.

Posted on : 16 Jul,2024

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