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Polygon (Beijing) Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Description:   We have developed a kind of Patent Intelligent LPG cylinder Angle valve & Quick-on valve which can prohibit filling LPG gas into your cylinders by other companies/person without authorization, and prohibit disassembly intelligent valve from cylinders by other companies/person without authorization. This kind of intelligent valve can bound your consumers and cylinders and improve your total profit over 30% more than last year. We are solo company owned patent anticlockwise thread in the world. Gas companies can tracking cylinders in whole process and use cloud platform management total owned cylinders. For more details, please contact with us by Product description: 1. The intelligent Angle valve has been embedded microcomputer identify & control RFID chip on valve body; 2. Each one of valve has SOLE identification number, that is same as issue ID card to each one of cylinders; 3. Gas company can informatization management and tracking cylinders during whole process from filling gas to delivery gas to home . The intelligent Angle valve has two special function as following: 1. Prohibit disassembly valve from cylinder without authorization; 2. Prohibit filling gas into cylinder by other gas company or person without authorization.

Product : LPG intelligent brass valves

Telephone : +86 137 1817 2958

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