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Description:  The SAIF company which has been established in the year 1980 in Italy, and the ARNA company which has been established in Turkey in the year 1991, have become partners and jointly they have established the company of SAIFARNA in the year 1997. This partnership is designing and manufacturing the internal and external façade paints and coatings, decorative paints, and all the necessary paints and coatings for the private sectors like health-food-sport-transportation in Italy and Turkey. Our water-based paints will be manufactured in accordance with the necessary norms and standards for the human health with their V.O.C. values and they are not only for painting the kid\'s room, but for all the family members. Each year, our Research and Development departments are offering minimum 2 new products to the consumers. In the year 2009 a new hp paint has been manufactured for the most sensitive units of the hospital as premature baby rooms. Today, Saif products will be used in totally 57 countries in Europe, Middle East, Far Eats America, Africa and Asia.

Product : Construction & Building Paint

Telephone : 90 216 593 13 30 / 90 541 306 52 25

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