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AQT Water SA

Description:  Since 2009, AQT Water S.A. (earlier AQUATECH SA) has been building its reputation in the green technologies sector. In recent years AQT Water S.A. has become one of the leading experts in decentralised wastewater treatment technologies for single-family homes, public buildings and industry. With more than 30.000 installations, manufactured to the highest standards of the EU, AQT Water S.A. is appreciated throughout Europe. The company’s basic scope of interest is production of technological solutions for the construction sector in the field of environmental protection. The company’s operating activities are based on the production and sale of its own technologies and products in the field of wastewater treatment, surface water purification and secondary use of rainwater. The issuer focuses on the implementation of innovative solutions for GreenTech technology. The company develops its own solutions, most of them innovative at the European level. R&D works are carried out for usage inside the company and using the potential of engineers working and cooperating with AQT Water S.A., the issuer works closely with the international laboratories notified to the Commission European institutions, technical universities and research bodies. Production is performed on its own in the production plant in Łomża.

Product : Waste water treatment systems

Telephone : 533352113

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