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Eroz Environ Engineer Pvt. Ltd.

Description:  EROZ ENVIRON ENGINEER PVT. LTD. is a manufacturer and exporter for Metal Recycling Plants (Non-Ferrous), Air Pollution Control Device (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous) and complete solution for Water Treatment (Domestic and Industrial) The Company is headed by Capt. Anil Kumar Verma in the capacity of Managing Director. He is an Engineering Graduate and Business Management professional. He is serving the industry since last more than twenty five years and globally recognized and established name in the market. The company got following registrations in their credit. 1. ISO 9001:2008 certified 2. CE approved for complete product range. 3. CRISIL verified 4. Member of INDIA Lead Zinc Development Association of India. 5. Member of Metal Recycling Association of India. 6. Member of Confederation of Indian Industry. 7. Member of APEX Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Recognized by Govt. of India) Capt. Anil Kumar Verma, Managing Director on behalf of Eroz Environ Engineer Pvt. Ltd., representing the most of International and Domestic Conferences i.e. *ABC *ELBC *IBRX *POWER ON *ILZDA *MRAI Manufacturer & Exporter under One roof for 1. Metal Recycling Plants for Non-Ferrous Metals a. Secondary Recycling: Lead Recycling / Smelting Plants from Used Lead Acid Batteries. We are Manufacturing fix axis Horizontal Rotary Furnace and Universal Tilting Rotary Furnace cap up to 10 Ton input of raw material. We also manufacture other accessories i.e. Refining Kettle, Ingot Casting Machines, Jumbo Moulds, Battery Cutting Machine, Battery cutting along with separation of plate with tumbler device, Crusher for plastic containers, Centrifugal hard washing tank, Soft washing tank, Hot Blower for drying the plastic chips. Battery Crusher cum Hydro Separation System complete in SS-304. b. Secondary Aluminum Recycling Plant: We Manufacture Skelner Furnace, Universal Tilting Rotary Furnace along with Ingot Caster. c. Secondary Recycling of Copper: We Manufacture Skelner Furnace, Universal Tilting Rotary Furnace and we manufacture hot top casting machine. d. Secondary Recycling for Brass, Zinc and Tin: We also manufacture furnaces for Brass, Zinc and Tin as per the requirement of customer. 2. Air Pollution Control Device for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals: a. We Manufacture Air Pollution Control Device for Steel Induction Furnace, Pulse Jet bag house based. b. We Manufacture Air Pollution Control Device for Steel Rolling Mills, Scrubber based. c. We Manufacture Air Pollution Control Device for all Non-Ferrous Metals. d. We also manufacture Air Pollution Control Device for general application in industry specifically required by the Customer. e. Sewage Treatment Plant for Domestic waste like Hotels, Institutions, Malls, Residential. We are Manufacturer of STP Conventional type and package unit also. We also manufacture package unit container fit for export purpose. f. Effluent Treatment Plant for Industrial Waste. Note: The above mentioned Plant and Machinery manufactured under the supervision of our General Manager Technical, who got more than 20 yrs. of experience in same trade.

Product : Secondary Metal Recycling Plant for Non Ferrous Metals, Air Pollution Control Device for Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals, Water Treatment Plant for Domestic and Industrial Waste

Telephone : +911642430051

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