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Cagcelik Iron and Steel Co.

Description:  We are as CAG CELIK iron and steel co., a Turkish leading manufacturer (Steel Mill) of Hot Rolled Angles, Flat Bars, serrated flat bars with different serration types, Round Bars, Square Bars, UPN /IPN / IPE / HEA /HEB beams , black annealed / bright wire and construction nails, cold drawn products with capacity app. 300.000 tons of Merchant Bars and 250.000 tons of Beams per year. - IPE profiles from 160mm to 550mm - IPN profiles from 160mm up to 500mm - UPN profiles from 160mm up to 400mm - HEA/HEB profiles from 120mm up to 300mm - Flat bars from 10 x 3mm to 160 x 15mm - Square bars from 6.50 x 6.50mm to 80 x 80mm - Round Bars from 6.50mm to 80mm - Equal Angle Bars 18 x 18 x 2,2 mm to 65 x 65 x 8,0mm (our new rolling mill under construction and will start producing equal angle bars up to 100 x 100 x 12mm within this year)

Product : Hot Rolled Flat bar, square bar, round bar, equal angle bar, IPE/IPN/UPN/HEA/HEB profiles, Cold drawn materials, Wire and nail products

Telephone : +90 216 364 43 00 / +90 370 433 80 00

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