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Lanchihun Business Plc

Description:  Lanchihun Business PLC is a well-known and growing company in Ethiopia. Before the establishment of Lanchihun Business as a Private Limited Company (PLC) in 2009, the founders have long been engaged in different types of business activities in the past years Lanchihun business PLC registered and licensed according to the Commercial Code of Ethiopia and other relevant laws of the country. The Head Office of the Company is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lanchihun Business PLC has well-established facilities to accomplish its activities. The number of employees is increasing with the sale volume of the company and diversification of its business activities.

Product : Road Rollers, Dump Trucks

Telephone : +251 11 662 8088 / +251 91 120 3176/+251 116627822

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