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Viva Engineering

Description:  VIVA Engineering PLC is a privately owned Engineering and Logistics Vompany. Our company has four departments. Construction department was established to carryout construction activities in general. It is comprised of Building construction, Rail way construction, Road construction, Water works construction divisions. Electromechanical Department design and construction of Pre Engineered buildings, erection, power and Telecom works are predominant. Erection and total setup of GSM and CDMA telecom towers, Installation of telecom equipment (BTS, BSC, MSC, Microwave etc.), Solar installation, Generator installation, erection and setup of high tension electric power towers, design and construction of electric power distribution and substation, construction of aerial optical fiber cable and installation and setup of electrical and mechanical machines are performed, Transportation & Logistics Department is the Transportation of construction materials, machineries and vehicles management are performed under this department All the above activities are performed based on the affordance of the community. The main goal is to invent solutions that can be sold at an appropriate cost which the poor can afford to buy. Engineers of different fields are available to solve respective problems. Machinery Rental Department Under this department, machineries supply is undertaken.

Product : Civil and Electromechanical Construction of Tower Foundation

Telephone : +251 116298476 / +251 973856161

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