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Julius Blum GmbH, Austria

Description:  Julius Blum GmbH is a family-owned company that operates worldwide, specialising in the manufacture and distribution of furniture fittings. Its main product groups are lift, hinge and pull-out systems for furniture, predominantly in kitchens. Blum offers mechanical and electrical motion technologies to deliver enhanced user convenience. A wide range of e-services support customers along the entire value-added chain.

Product : Lift, hinge, and pull-out systems

Telephone : +43 5578 7050

Website :

Ringer GmbH, Austria

Description:  RINGER is a leading Austrian developer, producer and distributer of formwork and scaffolding systems. Over decades they have been a reliable supplier for the construction industry worldwide. RINGER scaffolding and formwork systems guarantee construction safety, high quality materials and maximum precision in workmanship.

Product : formwork and scaffolding systems

Telephone : 43 7672 72711-0

Website :

RMZ Natural Power GmbH, Austria

Description:  RMZ Natural Power GmbH has been a leading company in the sale of steel products for over 15 years. RMZ is an official supplier of steel products from Eastern Europe providing products like Reinforcing Steel – Coils, Reinforcing Steel – Bars, Wire Rod, Wires, Nails, Collated Nails, Zinc Coated Wire, Black Annealed Wire, Steel Pipes, Billets and more.

Product : Reinforcing Steel – Coils, Reinforcing Steel – Bars, Wire Rod, etc

Telephone : +43 1 402 68 11 – 0

Website : ttp://


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