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JK Medirise, India

Description:  manufacturer, exporter, India, plastic, medical, surgical, disposable, consumables, devices, cannula, Cannulae, catheter, infusion, transfusion, Anesthesia, Respiratory, urology, surgery, cardiac, cardiology, stent, dental implants, prosthetics, gloves ,syringes ,needles ,sutures ,bandages, cotton wool, oximeter ,guide wire, tube ,bags ,sterile ,oxygen, drape, condom, haemostatic ,interventional ,intravenous, introducer, nebulizer, thoracic, endotracheal ,urine ,vein ,venous ,arteries ,inflation ,biopsy, blood, contract manufacturing, healthcare, hospital, infant, neonatal, vascular, invasive, nasal, safety, neuro, spinal, percutaneous, thoracic, trauma, wound

Product : Equipments

Telephone : 09016828579

Orchid Business Group Plc, India

Description:  Doka is a byword for over 50 years' expertise in making top-quality formwork systems, so that you can rely on having smooth forming operations with no costly downtimes. To ensure the high quality standard of our formwork products for the long term, we have always insisted on state-of-the-art production processes and an independently certified quality management system along the entire production chain. By systematically investing in new manufacturing technologies and in expanding our production capacity, working strategically with audited suppliers and continually upskilling our wood- and metalworking production staff, we have placed our highly efficient in-house production operations on a very solid footing. Our efficient logistics network ensures that the extensive Doka product portfolio is always available quickly, even in times of peak demand.

Product : Formwork System Manufacturers Suppliers Rwanda

Telephone : +91 022 20871241

Franzucon Ltd, Nigeria

Description:  Franzucon Ltd is an indigenous Information Technology Company providing Custom Design/Installation and Systems Integration Solutions in the Residential, Commercial and Hospitality sectors in Nigeria. We possess resounding expertise in Services & Solutions for Home automation, IP communication, Security and Safety. We have developed over time, collaborative and strategic partnership with globally renowned companies in the automation service industry. We design, integrate and support custom solutions for our clients. We also sell products!

Product : Smart Home/Building Automation, Smart Digital Security and Safety Solution Integration

Telephone : +234-8033574973


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