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Gast Solar Mechanics PLC

Description:  GSM Construction Chemicals and Chemicals manufacturing plant was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in July 2013 G.C to serve chemical & chemical products market. Our vision is that our customers are satisfied with our products and trust our business. GSM Construction Chemical and Chemicals’ involvement with the retail sector, which remains one of its main focus areas, is aimed at ensuring efficient delivery of affordable and quality products.

Product : Tile Adhesive

Telephone : +251 116 678456 / +251 911 176183

Ayiga Trade & Industry Plc Semayata Dimensional Stones

Description:  SEMAYATA Dimensional Stones Factory is a new granite processing factory, set up and run under the Holding Company Ayiga Trading and Industry PLC, equipped with the latest art of Italian technology.The company offices and the granite processing factory are located at Wukro town 45 Km from Mekelle , and it has its own sales branches in Mekelle and Addis Ababa.

Product : Marble

Telephone : +251 116674399

Ab-Ham Enterprise

Description:  For 20 years, Ab-ham Enterprise continues to introduce innovative products and solutions to the construction industry working closely as a reliable partner with the clients by proactively identifying and providing construction solutions. Ab-ham Enterprise supplies first-class products from world renowned manufactures as well as provides technical expertise through its highly trained professional staff.

Product : Ceramic Tiles, Marbles and Granites

Telephone : +251 0911200778 / +251-911235353


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