Tanzania's Bagamoyo Port will be expanded as part of the largest project in East Africa

The construction of the Bagamoyo port won't have to wait any longer for investors to begin, according to Plasduce Mbossa, director general of the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA).

Mr. Mbossa forecasted that investors will follow them on their journey while addressing the board of directors of the East African Business Council (EABC) at the TPA's offices. He emphasised the interest that several global corporations have shown in creating and managing the USD 10 billion Bagamoyo port project.

Mr. Mbossa did not disclose the names of the firms since they were still in the early stages of their involvement.

What effects will the construction of the Bagamoyo port have on Dar Port?
He said that in an effort to ease the congestion at the Dar es Salaam port, they are committed to constructing the Bagamoyo port. According to Mr. Mbosa, they also want to attract new clients.

The Dar port presently handles 17.025 million tonnes of cargo yearly, according to the data. By 2030, the port hopes to handle 30 million tonnes.

Congestion is still a concern, according to Mr. Mbossa. He continued by saying they are making every effort to fix it. He said that in order to solve the problems impeding the Dar port's efficient operation, TPA was reviewing its legislative structure.

They were collaborating with a variety of groups, according to Mr. Mbosa. Among the organisations are Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC), Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), and others.

According to Mr. Mbossa, the country is actively working to improve multimodal transport in order to provide options for their clients to use logistics at a lesser cost. He continued by saying that they are also trying to establish predictability in terms of the expenses associated with storage and demurrage.

He stated that ports were being reinforced and deepened to handle bigger vessels. Currently, ships carrying 6,000–8,000 twenty-foot equivalent units may be accommodated at the Dar port (TEUs). Comparing this to the preceding 2,000 TEUs is an improvement.

He stated that around Sh10 billion had been put aside for equipment purchases in the current fiscal year. The region's business sector is eager to use the Dar port, according to the EABC Chairperson, Ms. Angelina Ngalula, who made that statement previously.

In Tanzania's Bagamoyo, the Bagamoyo Port project is being carried out. It is anticipated to rank among the nation's biggest public infrastructure initiatives. The goal of the Bagamoyo port and its affiliated industrial zone is to relieve congestion at the existing port and assist Tanzania in becoming the top logistics and shipping hub in East Africa.

By 2045, the US USD 10 billion port—which is anticipated to be the biggest in East Africa—is expected to carry 20 million TEU, or 25 times as much cargo as Dar es Salaam Port now does. The creation of a SEZ next to the port is another component of the trilateral cooperation between Tanzania, China, and Oman.

Around the port will be built 190 industries, including one for processing manure that will be established by the government of Oman. The Bagamoyo Special Economic Zone would draw roughly 700 industries once it is completely established. A sovereign wealth fund in Oman is supporting the project.

Posted on : 24 Jul,2024

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