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Solar Technologies Manufacturing S.C., Ethiopia

Description:  Manufacturers of Solar Panels

Product : Solar Panels

Telephone : +251 115520229 / +251 0930 003709

Solarkiosk Solutions PLC, Ethiopia

Description:  SOLARKIOSK has pioneered and scaled up a solar-powered technology design and an inclusive business model that are tailored for the specific needs of BoP communities and secure the provision of clean energy services, affordable solar products and quality consumer goods. SOLARKIOSK establishes a lasting and evolving presence in targeted BoP communities through the local operation of the SOLARKIOSK E-HUBB energy center. The E-HUBB provides energy services, solar powered home systems and sustainable products in order to meet the specific needs of BoP communities with limited or no access to electricity. SOLARKIOSK is creating access to new business opportunities, while serving as proof that solar technology can be affordable, functional and efficient in BoP regions worldwide.

Product : Solar-Powered Technology

Telephone : +251966216731

Lydetco PLC, Ethiopia

Description:  LYDETCO P.L.C. is private limited company dealing mainly with solar power systems, industrial machinery, and equipment. LYDETCO P.L.C. represents BP solar (British Petroleum), the leading manufacturer of solar systems and Phaesun GmbH, the Off Grid experts. LYDETCO P.L.C. represents various European, Gulf, and Asian suppliers and manufacturers for the industrial sector.

Product : Solar Power Equipment

Telephone : +251 114 667153 / +251 91 1207283


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