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Universal Construction PLC, Ethiopia

Description:  Universal Construction values its solid commitment to quality, schedule, and safety. We strive to deliver the best value in all our services by ensuring all projects are completed on time with quality products and workmanship - we are proactive in finding the best solutions for our clients in a cost-effective manner, with no compromise on safety. Our values of quality, integrity, and hard work remain the benchmark of each project we undertake.

Product : Pipes and Fittings/polypopylene

Telephone : + 251 -116624269 /+251 911120074

Atlas Plumbers & Builders, Kenya

Description:   Atlas Plumbers and Builders has over forty years' experience in Construction, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Services Industries in East Africa. We are renowned specialists in these areas having worked on Housing Schemes, Universities and Student Centres, Hospital Wings, Office Blocks and Towers, and large-scale Water Reticulation and Sewerage Management projects.We have a well-proven track record of high-quality and competitive installations and services, which have been completed within the contract time frames and within project budgets. Atlas Plumbers and Builders has cultivated, developed and maintained good working relations with its clients and project consultants, who in turn have grown to trust our expertise and value our workmanship.

Product : Sewage Treatment Plant

Telephone : +(254) 20 22 23 05/+ 254 770 822 011

General Industries Ltd, Kenya

Description:  The company started small in 1972 as a supplier to the textile and packaging industries and gradually transformed into a pipe manufacturing company in 1995 when the initial pipe extruder was commissioned. Over time, General Industries Limited, commonly known in the market as GIL, has become synonymous with pipe supplies to various water supply and irrigation projects throughout the country. Currently the plant is converting over of 850 metric tonnes of uPVC/PPR/HDPE raw materials per month against an available capacity of 1300 metric tonnes over the same period. This means that we have a reserve of an extra 450 tonnes per month which would enable us to service urgent orders as they appear without necessarily interfering with earlier commitments. GIL manufactures a range of pipes for various applications made of uPVC (un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride),PPR (Polypropylene Random) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).

Product : Pipes and Fittings Manufacturers

Telephone : +254 (20) 6556112/ 6556390/ 6558536/+254 (0) 72270


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